Kennedy & Associates are proud to have numerous satisfied customers who have been delighted with the comfortable yet stylish shoes we designed for them. Below are just a few examples of their feedback:

  Des, Ber & The Team

Just a little note to say thank you for all your help in providing me with the most comfortable shoes. Thanks to all of you my feet are much improved and i can enjoy walking and shopping again.

Thanks again, 
Mary (E.C)

  To all the Team

You are stars, you have given me everything, you have given me everything that life desires (my confidence) it will always be appreciated.

Ben (B.H.)

  To all the Team

Kennedy & Associates has always stood behind their product. They have always treated me with kindness and dignity. Friendliness is their top priority. The product is 10/10. Des Kennedy knows his work and i would refer him and the company to anyone. I have always been treated as a number one person. I can't say enough and I find that there are never any negative comments. I have been with Kennedy & Associates since 1988. 
Susan (J.N.)

  Dear Des, Ber & Team,

Thank you for the precise & careful work that you put into crafting my shoes. They are on the move daily & are very comfortable.
They have had several trips down to the cove & when I leave them sitting on a rock, while I paddle my toes, I fear they might be stolen & then imagine the puzzled face of anyone trying to put them on & and walk away.

They have given me great relief and pain free walks. I do hope you've all enjoyed our wonderful summer,

Best Wishes, 

Success Stories

Tom (not his real name) came to Des as a last resort as he was facing the amputation of his right foot. It took 180 hours of design and engineering for Des to produce a shoe to suit Tom's condition. This helped his foot to heal. The shoe only needs some occasional readjustments, but Tom can now walk unaided, leaving his Zimmer frame behind.

Jim lost half of his foot in an accident. After Des made a mould of the remaining part of Jim’s left foot, Des was able to design a special shoe that allows Jim to walk unaided. He can now leave his Prosthesis (Artificial Limb) behind.

“I work very closely with the medical profession and the surgeons have at times been astonished at the results” – Des.
Patrick was told that he would never be able to walk again. “That was twelve years ago – he walked out of here leaving behind his crutches and has been walking unaided since”.

“The challenges are very labour intensive; it can take up to 180 hours to make one pair of shoes but the value is in seeing people walking again without artificial aids” – Des